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Jozef Opdeweegh On The Importance of Moral Leadership in 2021

August 24, 2021

Leadership in 2021 comes with extensive responsibilities, many of which can be included under the realm of moral leadership. For employees, one of the most important factors they look for in their supervisors and managers is if they lead in an ethical way.

To provide some insight on the importance of moral leadership, Jozef Opdeweegh of Fair Value: Reflections on Good Business, reflects on his own journey with leadership.

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How To Learn From Past Mistakes As A Leader from Jozef Opdeweegh

August 19, 2021

Admitting past mistakes can be daunting, especially if you are in a leadership position. It is, however, important for leaders to be able to admit and move forward from past mistakes for several reasons.

‘To gain respect from coworkers and fine-tune your leadership approach, you must be able to accept -and even share-your past mistakes as learning opportunities so we keep moving forward,’ explains Jozef Opdeweeh, a long-time C-suite executive and author of Fair Value: Reflections on Good Business.

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