Fair Value by Jozef Opdeweegh

Reflections on good business and business for good, by Jozef Opdeweegh.

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Fair Value

a manifesto for leadership

With the courage to confront, and learn from contemporary issues, Jozef Opdeweegh draws on thinkers past and present to show how our principles shape the value we create.

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Jozef Opdweegh, author and business man
Jozef Opdeweegh, CEO and Author of Fair Value Book

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Jozef Opdeweegh On Corporate Culture

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June 24, 2022

Celebrating — writing a book is a big deal; in some cases, it’s a life or career-changing event. So, let’s celebrate that and have some fun along the way. Maybe have a launch party, or acknowledge a milestone in your sales. But most importantly, smile and be proud that you’re a published author!

July 27, 2022

Drawing on his knowledge and experience as a business front-runner across the globe, Jozef Opdeweegh has always kept a critical relationship between the values we live by and the values we create in order to make grounded, smart decisions in his professional (and personal) career.

This philosophy or as he may call “values-based leadership” approach quickly became the lens through which Jozef Opdeweegh has constantly viewed the current state of events, and served as a formula for success that is influenced by great thinkers from the past.

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Praise for Fair Value

“A must-read”

“Fair Value is a must-read — for business leaders who desire to improve corporate culture — in order to more fully engage all stakeholders in maximizing value for all.  Mr. Opdeweegh’s writings are a rare and honest look into the thinking and values of one of the preeminent global business leaders of our time.”

Mark J. Gendregske, Principal, St. Charles Holdings


“Rarely do you see such a close coupling of an author’s reflections and how they live their lives – this is Jos! Reflective, philosophical, questioning, translating to practical implementation and refreshingly focused on all aspects of society as beneficiaries of vision and leadership.”

Gary Kennedy, Board Chairmain, Greencore Group PLC


In a series of thoughtful and thought-provoking essays, Jos encourages us to reflect on important themes around values, community, and leadership. This is a timely, stimulating and readable book which makes a valuable contribution to the contemporary debate about the role of business in society.”

Sam Gilpin, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Fair Value by Jozef Opdeweegh
Fair Value By Jozef Opdeweegh Book Illustrations

Written by Jozef Opdeweegh, Art by JB Hopkins

The primary concepts of the book are the navigation of decision-making and the joining of two paths – value creation and the values upon which leaders make decisions. As such, the illustrations – developed by professional artist and cartoonist, JB Hopkins – capture the idea of a crossroads or journey to a destination.